Season 2018 Rules & Information


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This contest is for those who craft for tabletop gaming, like Dungeons and Dragons, Frostgrave, Warhammer 40k, railroad modelers and more.

How it works!

Once the contest starts you will be paired with a random person. Every pair will have a theme randomly pulled from a list and assigned to them.

You will then face off with that person in a crafting duel! You have a month to complete your project in that theme.

Some themes will have a wildcard attribute that may require specific materials or have material restrictions for an increased challenge!

You have until the monthly deadline to submit your build photos. Once time is up, that is it. Your pair will then appear on the voting page. No names are used, only photos for a fair voting process. The public then votes for their favorite builds.

Everyone has two chances. If you lose in the main bracket, you will then be moved to the redemption bracket. Here you will battle it out with other knocked out competitors. The winner of this bracket gets a 3rd place prize in addition to any qualifying prizes.

FIRST and foremost. This is a friendly competition that may or may not have underage participants. That means you need to keep it civil and pg-13. This includes craft content, please be respectful. However, trash talking is encouraged. If you can’t take the heat, unplug the hot glue gun.

  1. This is a bracket style single elimination competition. Each stage, participants will be randomly shuffled into the new bracket. Winners move on to the next stage, while the losers will move on to the redemption bracket.
  2. The redemption bracket only has a single prize, but gives every entrant two chances for glory. Once you lose the second time, you are out for good.
  3. Each pair for each stage will be assigned a random theme. Themes will be on a table and randomly generated each time. Some themes come with stipulations, such as limitations or special requirements. This is meant to push you to better yourself and truly show your skills as a crafter.
  4. Prefab items such as molds or 3d prints are limited to 50% of the build and no more. If you are unsure, message me and I will tell you if its too much.
  5. Matches and themes will be made on the 1st of the 1st month of the competition, midnight of the second day for each month after. Each contestant has until the end of each month to complete their vision of their assigned theme. There is NO limit on materials or size (unless specified by your theme). However, the project must be fully completed once the time is up. If your entry is not complete, you automatically lose and the win goes to your opponent.
  6. You have until midnight on the last day of the month to submit final images for your entry. If you fail to do this, you will automatically lose and the win goes to your opponent.
  7. You have 48 hours to vote for your favorite submission for each pair. On midnight of the second day voting will be closed and new matches and themes will be chosen for that month
  8. Prizes will be handed out at the end of the competition. All participant prizes will be handed out after the 1st round is finished. If you did not finish or participate in the first round, you will not receive a participation prize.
  9. All countries are welcome to participate. However, you will be responsible for any custom fees due for delivery. Host and vendors are responsible for initial shipping fees only.
  10. Cheating is NOT acceptable. You can not use a previously completed project or a project you found on the internet. Each craft must be started AFTER the selection process. You can not use an in progress project to complete your craft.
  11. Finally, have FUN. Don’t be intimidated by other entries and enjoy yourself. Push yourself further and learn. The better you do, the better we all do as a community

RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME. The only correct interpretation of these rules is subject to the host, Rogue Sculpts.